CourtAvenue is a Time Optimization Enterprise™

Powered by entrepreneurs, creators, optimists, and the habitually restless, we redeem time by designing solutions, building products, and creating companies optimized for speed, convenience and transparency.

Our Founders
Kenny Tomlin + Dan Khabie

Over forty years experience launching and leading companies across advertising, marketing and digital software application services.

Dan Khabie - Co-Founder

Dan was previously Global CEO of Mirum, an agency employing 2,500 people that creates powerful digital campaigns and solutions to increase brand recognition and maximize engagement.  Previously, Dan co-founded Digitaria, a pioneering West coast digital company at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation and was acquired by WPP. Dan is a LinkedIn Influencer, who speaks frequently on innovation and marketing, and is involved with myriad startups.



Kenny Tomlin – Co-Founder

Previously, Kenny founded Rockfish, a full-service digital agency that developed award winning solutions and companies through the integration of strategy, creative and technology. After leading the business through numerous years of explosive growth, Rockfish was acquired by WPP. Kenny has since launched new enterprises in real estate, hospitality and technology; including YouEarnedIt that was acquired by Vista Equity in 2018 and, a leading immersive innovation studio.



Our Services

Applying a very personal and agile approach, CourtAvenue offers a range of solutions, including strategic consulting, customer experiences, product development, digital commerce, technology enablement and digital investments.

  • Business Modeling
  • Consulting
  • Data Science
  • Proof of Concept
  • Physical
  • Commerce
  • Content
  • Voice
  • AI
  • Bespoke Development
  • Data
  • Development / Integration
  • Behavioral Marketing
  • Platform Management & Implementation
  • Real-time Social Optimization
  • B2B Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • Customer portal development
  • Partnership enablement
  • Process management
  • Agile development
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Interdepartmental coordination

CourtAvenue is a Time Optimization Enterprise™ powered by entrepreneurs, creators, optimists, and the habitually restless.

Systems, Processes and Interactions


In order to understand baseline performance and its impact on stakeholder engagement.

Speed, Convenience and Transparency


We believe that the way to best value and engage your stakeholders is to respect their time.

Design, Strategy and Technology


Leveraging our experienced and skilled staff of strategists, designers and technologists, we are singularly focused on making your business more innovative and efficient.

Clients, Employees and Partners


Experience is frictionless and optimized.

Optimized, Valued and Respected


Innovation at its best reduces friction and increases efficiency.

Growth, Engagement and Satisfaction


The most disruptive and fastest growing businesses optimize for speed, convenience and transparency.

Our Name

In 1893 CourtAvenue became the first paved road in the United States. And while this innovation didn't physically shorten the distance between two points, it did so practically by significantly reducing the time, aggravation and inconvenience associated with the journey.

This is innovation at its best. Redefining the experience between an organization’s customer and its products/services by building a fluid, transparent and seamless engagement. 

Our Values

CourtAvenue is a Time Optimization Enterprise™ powered by entrepreneurs, creators, optimists, and the habitually restless.


Entrepreneurs are risk takers. We see opportunity where others see obstacles.

Creators are builders. We take ideas and turn them into innovations.

Optimists are futurists. We see a better tomorrow where others see a bitter tomorrow.

Habitually restless are doers. We are anxious to bring tomorrow's innovations to today.